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Combo with "The Language of Medicine ENDOCRINE SYSTEM chap 18. part 3." and 2 others Test

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  1. cortisol (a glucocorticoid) function is?
  2. parathyroid glands target tissue?
  3. /renal
  4. ovarian hormones
  5. posterior pituitary also named
  1. a neurohypophysis
  2. b bone and kidney (vitamin D production)
  3. c kidney
  4. d regulates glucose, fat and protein metabolism; raises glucose levels in response to stress
  5. e estrogens or estradiol, or estrone, and progesterone

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  1. T3
  2. fight or flight system
  3. within
  4. conversion back to glucose by glucagon
  5. growth of bones, other tissues

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  1. adrenal glands two parts are named?adrenal cortex; adrenal medulla


  2. crine=to secrete


  3. gonads (sex organs) are controlled by what stimulus?anterior pituitary


  4. estrogen functionstimulate development of ova(eggs) and female secondary sex charachteristics


  5. gluc/agons functionRAISE blood glucose levels, carries sugar from "cells to blood"


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