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  1. boorish
  2. languid
  3. rancid
  4. devitalize
  5. obtrusive
  1. a vulgar, crude, uncouth, ill-mannered, gauche
  2. b brash, impudent, conspicuous, protruding
  3. c enfeeble, sap, enervate
  4. d lazy, sluggish, listless, slack, lethargic
  5. e foul rank fetid sour rotten putrid

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. S: arduous, difficult, strenuous, wearisome
  2. filthy squalid base vile seedy sleazy
  3. join, acquire, appropiate, procure
  4. S: domineering, dictatorial, tyrannical
  5. quiver vibrate shiver quake palpitate

5 True/False Questions

  1. deterioratetrigger, incite, instigate


  2. concertedacknowledgement grant allow assent


  3. relentlessS: nasty, malicious, virulent, malevolent


  4. recouppresent, furnish, submit, make, effect


  5. demuremarsh, swamp, bog, slough


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