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  1. Commence
  2. Obstruction
  3. Cessation
  4. Commend
  5. Envision
  1. a (verb) To picture in mind, to imagine.
  2. b Verb- To give approval or praise.
  3. c Noun-A Bringing or Coming to an end; A halt
  4. d Verb-To Begin
  5. e Noun- Something that blocks or gets in the way of; an obstacle.

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  1. Noun- A false belief.
    Faulty and illogical reasoning.
  2. Verb- To criticize, argue, or raise objections over something unimportant.
    Noun- A unimportant complaint.
  3. Verb- To support with evidence.
  4. (noun) Excellent judgment and insight; skill in perceiving.
  5. Verb- To prove to be false or invalid; to deny the accuracy or truth of.

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  1. ProcrastinateVerb- To support with evidence.


  2. SubsideVerb- To run with short; hurried steps.


  3. Thwart(verb) To stare in amazement, often with the mouth wide open.


  4. AccoladeNoun- Publicly expressed honor or respect.


  5. Red herring(Adj.) Marked by understanding or awareness; sharp; sensitive.


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