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  1. quota
  2. fixed expenses
  3. Revenue
  4. Channel of Distribution
  5. multinational corporation
  1. a government or business income
  2. b A particular way to direct products to consumers
  3. c a limit placed on the quantities of a product that can be imported
  4. d a company that does business in many countries and has facilities and offices in many countries around the world
  5. e expenses that occur regularly and must be paid regularly, such as rent and car insurance

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  1. Receives large shipments of products from many different producers
  2. revenue is greater than expenses
  3. 40 regular hours a week
  4. the amount or quantity of goods and services that consumers are willing to buy at various prices
  5. money's most important function; used to facilitate transactions

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  1. tariffa tax placed on imports to inrease their price in the domestic market


  2. endorsementnecessary for cashing a check


  3. Economicsstudies how society chooses to use resources to produce and distribute goods and services for people's consumption


  4. interest-bearing accountThe amount of money a company has to make on a product to pay for its costs


  5. protectionismthe amount of money left over after a business has paid for the cost of producing its goods and services


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