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  1. sober
  2. secure
  3. sizable
  4. skyscraper
  5. soar
  1. a adj. not drunk; v. to make or become sober after drinking alcohol
  2. b adj. certain to remain safe; v. to protect against danger or threat
  3. c n. a very tall building
  4. d adj. fairly large
  5. e v. to fly or rise high into the air

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  1. v. to look at or glance over something quickly; n. an act of scanning
  2. adj. containing or using satire
  3. v. to take hold of something suddenly and forcibly
  4. v. to break violently into pieces
  5. n. an internal or external framework of bone

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  1. scramblev. to climb to the top of something; a series of markings or divisions at regular intervals, for use in measuring; a measuring device with such markings


  2. screwv. to fasten or tighten; n. a metal pin with a spiral thread running around it


  3. sheltern. a place giving protection from bad weather or danger; provide with shelter


  4. shrinkv. to become or make smaller


  5. simultaneousv. to cause to combine with, dissolve, or hold the greatest possible quantity of another substance


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