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  1. which transport mechanism across the bbb is responsible for the movement of charged proteins
  2. what is the term for the reaction of the cell body of a neuron to injury of an axon
  3. which type of system (sensory/motor) are known to have descending hierarchies
  4. what is the parameter used to describe how far changes in membrane potential can passively spread down a cable like an axon/dendrite
  5. how does l dopa cross the bbb
  1. a mimics amino acid and transforms to dopamine once in brain
  2. b lenght constant
  3. c motor
  4. d chromatolysis
  5. e adsorptive mediated transcytosis

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  1. neuroepithelial zone
  2. passive diffusion
  3. NMJ
  4. brain
  5. carbon 14

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  1. what is an example of a chemorepellantslit


  2. which layer of the neural tube becomes grey matterneuroepithelial


  3. what is the principle that explains the adaptation of neurons firing in the brain " neurons that fire together wire together"hebbian rule


  4. which form of estrogen is more lipophillic and able to cross the bbbestredox


  5. which type of cell in the bbb provides support of other cell typespericyte


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