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  1. Dearth
  2. Desist
  3. Legacy
  4. Licentious
  5. Claustrophobia
  1. a an abnormal fear of narrow, enclosed spaces
  2. b money or property left to another in a will
  3. c to refrain from continuing something
  4. d immoral, unrestricted by society
  5. e lack, scarcity, insufficiency

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  1. great confusion
  2. austere, severe, grave; simple, bare
  3. a much larger supply than is needed
  4. extremely careful; attentive to details
  5. mixture, combination alloy

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  1. Colleagueclothed or covered


  2. Quacka question


  3. Tenuousto separate the good from the bad


  4. Cajoleblue color of a cloudless sky


  5. Omnipotenthaving unlimited power


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