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  1. bauble
  2. obfuscate
  3. bland
  4. debacle
  5. facetious
  1. a mild, tasteless, dull, smooth, agreeable
  2. b showy but useless, trinket
  3. c syn: joking, witty, jocose
    ant: solemn, serious
  4. d syn: calamity, catastrophe
    ant: success, triumph
  5. e to confuse, bewilder, muddle, obscure

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. very sheer and light, transparent, gossamer
  2. to correct, to make right, remedy, resolve
  3. a noisy uproar; a scene of wild confusion
  4. to make clear
  5. a curse

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  1. reconditedifficult to understand; profound


  2. besmirchto overwhelm, surround and attack


  3. antithesisan exact opposite, converse


  4. debaclea complete failure, total collapse


  5. sanguinefertile, productive, prolific


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