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  1. Statute of limitations
  2. Reasonable suspicion
  3. Misstatement
  4. Risk-utility test
  5. Misrepresentation
  1. a words or conduct by a person to another that, under the circumstances, amount to a false statement
  2. b a statute setting maximum time periods from the occurrence of an event, during which certain actions can be brought or rights enforced. If an action is not filed before the expiration of that time period, the statute bars the use of the courts for recovery
  3. c as to what an officer must have in order to approach an
  4. d in securities law, liability may be imposed on those responsible for issuing information about securities that misleads a reasonable investor I investment decisions to her detriment; may be part of fraud
  5. e when evidence shows that a reasonable person would conclude that the benefits of a product's particular design compared to a reasonable alternative design did not outweigh the dangers inherent in the original design

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  1. TORT law
  2. has the same characteristics as a JTWROS, but can only exist as between a husband and wife
  3. a tort in which there is a valid contract, and the defendant knew of the contract by intentionally cause a breach of the contract, resulting in damages to the plaintiff
  4. the failure to do something that a reasonable person, guided by the ordinary considerations that regulate human affairs, would do or the doing of something that a reasonable person would not do
  5. Information which is compiled by a victim and the police.

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  1. Failure to warnin product liability cases, when a producer is found liable in tort for not warning consumers of dangers the producer know existed or should have known existed


  2. Life Estatesa life estate is best explained by the following: A gives to B a life estate in greenacre for and during her natural life. B is the life tenant who is required to maintain greenacre and not commit waste on or of the property. When B dies the property reverts back to A or his estate.


  3. Estatethe amount, nature and quality of a person's interest in land or other property


  4. Caveat emptorlet the buyer beware; requires that the buyer examine, judge, and test the product for himself


  5. Felonya serious class of crime that may be punishable by imprisonment in excess of one year or death


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