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  1. psychological needs
  2. anterior cingulate cortex
  3. orbitofrontal cortex
  4. grand theory
  5. medial forebrain bundle
  1. a learning the incentive value of events, making choices
  2. b pleasure, reinforcement
  3. c they are inherent within the strivings of human nature and heathly development ex., autonomy, competence, relatedness
  4. d is the all encompassing theory that seeks to explain the full range of motivated action
  5. e mood, volition, making choices

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  1. cortisol, testosterone, oxytocin
  2. chemicals in saliva or blood, such as cortisol ( stress) or catecholamines ( fight or flight reaction)
  3. brain center for appetite regulation
  4. ___________ and eating involve a complex regulatory system of both short term and long term regulation
  5. making plans, setting goals, formulating intentions

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  1. hippocampusbehaviour inhibition system during unexpected events


  2. brain structureghrelin stimulates hypothalamus


  3. instinctphysiological study of the _________ proved an intellectual dead end as it became clear that "naming is not explaining"


  4. rewards areany offering from one person given to another in exchange for his or her service or achievement


  5. 4 motivationally relevant neurotransmitter pathwaysdopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphin


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