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  1. to, until, at, for (with adj's)
  2. What is communism?
  3. Future Indicative Passive
  4. Amendment 17
  5. What was the main idea of the Monroe Doctrine?
  1. a To protect Latin America, and tell Europe to stay out of America.
  2. b A political theory derived from Karl Marx, a classless society where all property is owned by the people and each person is paid and works according to their needs and abilities.
  3. c amābor
    (āberis, ābitur)
  4. d Direct election of senators
  5. e ad
    (prep. with accusative)

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Right to bear and keep arms
  2. The French and Indian War.
  3. diūtius
    (comparative adj.)
  4. dēdūcō,
    (dēdūcere, dēdūxī, dēdectus, 3rd)
  5. Two term limit for Presidency

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  1. AquinasChristianized Aristotle.


  2. What was the Treaty of Paris (1783)?A document that acknowledged the U.S. as an independent nation. (expanded U.S. borders)


  3. Pluperfect Indicative Passiveamātus eram, amāta eram, amātum eram
    (erās, erat)


  4. Amendment 1Income tax


  5. Perfect Indicative Activeamāvī
    (āvistī, āvit)


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