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  1. Stress interview
  2. Fair use
  3. Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson
  4. Core compentencies
  5. Normal distribution
  1. a Skills, knowledge, and abilities that employees must possess in order to successfully perform job functions that are essential to business operations.
  2. b Type of interview in which interviewer assumes an aggressive posture to see how a candidate responds to stressful situations.
  3. c Court ruling that first held that sexual harassment violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 regardless of whether it is quid pro quo or hostile environment harassment.
  4. d Expected distribution given a random sampling of people across a large population.
  5. e Provision of the Copyright Act that allows the use of copyrighted work in certain circumstances.

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  1. Degree to which an interview, test, or other selection device measures the knowledge, skills, abilities, or other qualifications that are part of the job.
  2. Level of learning characterized by ability to recall specific facts.
  3. Specific point in a distribution of data that has a given percentage of cases below it.
  4. Results that participants will be able to perform at the end of a human resource development program.
  5. Court ruling that nonremedial affirmative action plan cannot form the basis for deviating from the antidiscrimination mandate of Title VII.

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  1. Diversity trainingTraining designed to inform and educate senior management and staff about diversity and to develop concrete skills among staff that will facilitate enhanced productivity and communications among all employees.


  2. Theory of constraints (TOC)Systems management philosophy that states that every organization is hindered by constraints that come from its internal policies.


  3. Skill banksRatios that can help quantify recruitment efforts.


  4. Selection interviewInterview designed to probe areas of interest to interviewer in order to determine how well a job candidate meets the needs of the organization.


  5. Targeted interviewType of interview in which interviewer asks each applicant questions that are from the same knowledge, skill, or ability area; also called patterned interview.


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