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  1. morass
  2. lachrymose
  3. touchstone
  4. chimerical
  5. pièce de résistance
  1. a [L. lacrima=tear] (adj) tearful; prone to weeping; mournful; tear-inducing
  2. b [Fr.] (n) an outstanding accomplishment; the best part of something excellent; the main dish of a meal; the main event, incident, or item
  3. c [Gk. merse=swamp, moor, or bog] (n) a patch of soft, wet ground; a swamp; a quagmire; a confusing situation in which one is entrapped, as in quicksand
  4. d (n) a means of testing worth or genuiness
  5. e [Gk. mythology: Chimera=a fire-breathing she-monster w/ a lion's head, goat's body, and serpent's tail] (adj) imaginary; absurd; wildly fantastic or improbable; impossible

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  1. [L. cor=together + robur=strength] (vt) to confirm or give support to (a statement, theory/finding)
  2. (n) a harsh satire, usually directed against a person/institution. (vt) to make (someone) the subject of a _______ ; to ridicule
  3. [L. bibere=to drink] (adj) fond of drinking alcohol; absorbent
  4. [L. syn=with + dramein= to run] (n) a group of symptoms or signs that collectively characterize or indicate a disease, disorder, abnormality, etc.
  5. (vt) to cancel, repeal, annul, make void

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  1. proselyte(n) skill or expertise in a particular activity or field; bravery in battle


  2. empathy[Gk. en=in + pathos=emotion] (n) a sympathetic understanding of or identification with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of someone or something else


  3. euphonious[Gk. eu=good + phone=sound] (adj) pleasing to the ear


  4. denizen[denz=within] (n) inhabitant, resident, dweller, one admitted to residence/citizenship


  5. ad hoc[L. ad=for + hoc=this] (adj.) for this special purpose; improvised; (adv) concerning this


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