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  1. if the branches of the middle cerebral artery , lenticulostriate artery are damaged what will result
  2. which spinal cord system has the function of volunatry control
  3. what will damage to a portion of a system result in
  4. csf goes from the third ventricle to the fourth ventricle via what
  5. when the dentist injects anesthia where does this happen and on which cranial nerve
  1. a mandibular region of cranial nerve 5
  2. b cerebral aqueduct
  3. c defecit
  4. d stroke
  5. e somatic

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  1. rostral
  2. rough endoplasmic reticulum
  3. choroid plexus
  4. somatic
  5. uterine/fallopian tube

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  1. which part of the diencephalon is the gateway of communication to cerebral cortexthalmus


  2. which parasympathetic preganglionic nuclei is associated with the heat, lungs, liver, stomach, spleeninferior salvitory nucleus


  3. occlusion of blood flow can possibly cause whatneural tube


  4. csf enters the third ventricle via what structureforamina of monro


  5. which region is known for having less basal plate derivitivessodium, chloride


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