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  1. ecotourists
  2. vasco de gama
  3. Exclave
  4. nigeria
  5. portugal
  1. a Small part of a country that is separated from the main part.
  2. b has the largest populaton in africa on the western side
    oil is the major mineral resource and largest export
  3. c the country that started the anti-slavery movement
    the european country that colonized angola
    the first country to explore africa
  4. d people who travel to another country to view its natural wonders
  5. e was the first to sail around the tip of africa

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  1. One of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Located in Ghana.
  2. Makes it illegal for different races to mix. Most notable in South Africa.
  3. produces 10% of the world's hydroelectric power
  4. A source for the Nile River. (Is a lake)
  5. looks like a steep walled gash in the continent

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  1. lake victoriaafrica's largest lake


  2. Ethiopian HighlandsA source for the Nile river. (Not a lake)


  3. AIDSGroup of people related to one another.


  4. Endangered SpeciesA plant or animal that is threatened with extinction.


  5. HabitatType of environment where a particular animal species lives.


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