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  1. jinn
  2. canon
  3. allah
  4. burning bush
  5. martyr
  1. a while tending Jethros flock on mount horeb(sinai) in tradition Moses heard the voice of God in a fire in a bush, burning but no consuming the bush. there God called Moses to lead the hebrews out of Egyptian slavery
  2. b the official sacred texts of a religion
  3. c Muslim name for the one and only God
  4. d witness-one who dies for a faith or a cause
  5. e pre islamic spirits, friednly or hostile, absorbed into Islam

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  1. a religion teaching one god and the guru , beginning with Guru nanak. orginated amid hindu muslim conflict and sought to transcend their differences. Reincarnation karma and samsara are accepted, severe asceticism rejected. other relgions are not un true but may lead astray "the golden temple" at amritsar is their central temple. many live in Panjab and UK "Lion (singh) is a sikh mans middle name as is Kaur (princess) for women
  2. land between two rivers - the ancient settled region between and around the tigris and euphrates rivers , east of med. sea once babylonia, now iraq
  3. tradtional day of Jesus Chris's crucifixion
  4. ancient name for the semitic people of israel tradtionally descended from Abraham. found earlierist in texts about them in egypt, another name for JEW
  5. qu ran scared text of islam written in Arabic in 650 CE

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  1. galile/judaeanorthern/southern regions of ancient Israel


  2. ten commandmentsfirst of the 613 laws of the jewish torah, in exodus 20. some are thelogical and some are ethical


  3. midianlocation east of mecca where polgrims go to sepnd a night, throw 7 pebbles at a pillar symbolzing satan and perform an animal sacrifice


  4. King Davida mountain range in the Negeve desert out of israel


  5. biblical criticismto be dipped- chrisitan initiatory ritual and a sacrament. some see baptism as washing away the original sin inherited from Adam and Eve. others see an inititation into the church. Some baptize infants, others do not.


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