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  1. Accolade
  2. Behold
  3. Eulogy
  4. Hamper
  5. Foresee
  1. a (verb) To see or know ahead of time.
  2. b Verb- To prevent from moving freely or making progress; to Limit OR Noun- A large basket with Dirty Clothes.
  3. c Noun- Great Praise; An award.
  4. d (verb)To gaze at or look upon.
  5. e Noun- A tribute: spoken written praise, often given in honor of a person who has died.
    ize, ized

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  1. Verb- To Criticize or express disapproval.
    ed, ful
  2. Verb- To run with short; hurried steps.
  3. Noun- Adoration; excessive praise or flattery.
  4. Adjective- Worthy of praise or honor.
  5. Noun- Something that blocks or gets in the way of; an obstacle.

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  1. DeterVerb- To take advantage of people by tricking of fooling them.
    Noun- Someone tricked and taken advantage of.


  2. DissuadeVerb- To discourage from doing something through persuading.


  3. CritiqueVerb- To sink to a lower or more normal level.
    Verb- To become Less active or Intense.


  4. DiscernmentVerb- To discourage from doing something through persuading.


  5. Premonition(Noun), A feeling that something will happen in the future; an advance warning.


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