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  1. a large, destructive, fire,burning fever, violent conflict
  2. to discard, to cast off as an encumbrance
  3. rhythm
  4. comatose
  5. paraphernalia
  1. a cadence
  2. b the various articles for a certain activity
  3. c unconscious, inactive
  4. d jettison
  5. e conflagration

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  1. a prosecution, or an organized massacre
  2. lambent
  3. a means of transporting
  4. aborigine
  5. to ponder or think deeply

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  1. pinnaclethe highest point, a spire


  2. matter that sinks to the bottom of waterostracize


  3. to place side by sidevery perplexing, maze like


  4. adj. stormy, harshhaving both male and female characteristics


  5. strive, compete, contendvie


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