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  1. etymology
  2. intransigent
  3. rhapsodize
  4. wont
  5. crescendo
  1. a to express oneself enthusiastically
  2. b the history of a word; the study of word origins
  3. c likely
  4. d uncompromising; refusing to moderate
  5. e a gradual increase in intensity, force, or volume

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  1. indirect; roundabout
  2. a tip or payment in addition to regular wages
  3. feeling of offense; resentment
  4. a cure-all; a remedy for all diseases
  5. displaying superiority

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  1. veneera thin, attractive layer that conceals something common or coarse


  2. solecisma deviation or error in speech, manners, or deeds


  3. perambulatea tip or payment in addition to regular wages


  4. sepulchera tomb or burial chamber


  5. bulwarka defensive wall or embankment


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