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  1. December 8, 1941
  2. Henry Ford
  3. Zimmermann Note
  4. Stephen A Douglas
  5. Frederick Douglass
  1. a first to use an assembly line to produce his Model T
  2. b The USA declared war on Japan and a few days later Germany and Itally decalred war on the USA
  3. c German letter asking New Mexico to join the war with the Germans
  4. d an outspoken and active opponent of slavery; Helped Lincoln recruit blacks
  5. e a Democrat who sought to pass bill which would allow new U.S. settlers to own slaves

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  1. strip of land bought from Mexico to be used for a railroad
  2. woman who founded New York City's first Sunday school
  3. aka "Wall of Shame" was divided
  4. President Wilson kept USA neutral first 3 yrs of the war
  5. Amazed the world with his accomplishments; He could do almost anything with plants; Discovered 118 uses for the sweet potato

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  1. Pearl HarborImportant Navy Base in Hawaii that was bombed by the Japanese in December 7, 1941


  2. Robert E Leeleader of the Confederate troops


  3. Daniel Boonesoldiers, sometimes called "Yankees", wore blue and fought for the North


  4. American life in 1900homes had central heating, largest industrial nation in the world, Sunday was strictly a day or rest and worship


  5. Golden Age of the RailroadU.S led the world in railroading


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