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  1. smooth muscles
  2. quadriplegia
  3. irregular bones
  4. rectus abdominus
  5. hamstrings
  1. a facial bones and vertebrae
  2. b back of the upper leg muscle
  3. c abdominal muscles
  4. d an injury to the upper part of the spinal cord resulting in the loss of use in arms and legs
  5. e act on the lining of passageways and internal organs

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  1. 126 bones of the upper and lower limbs, shoulders, and hips
  2. knee and fingers
  3. 80 bones of the skull, spine, ribs, vertebrae, ad sternum
  4. femur and humerus
  5. when the ligaments that attach the bone at the joint are torn as the bone slips out of place

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  1. peripheral nervous systembrain and spinal cord


  2. Transverse fractureincomplete; two parts of the bone do not separate


  3. ligamenta band of fibrous, slightly elastic connective tissue that attaches bone to bone


  4. gastracnemiusback of the lower leg muscle


  5. short bonesfemur and humerus


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