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  1. Zeus
  2. Apollo
  3. Hermes
  4. Artemis
  1. a law, music, poetry, prophecy, medicine
  2. b bow and arrows, dogs, deer, cypress, crescent moon
  3. c winged hat, sandals, staff (caduceus)
  4. d thunderbolt, eagle, aegis, beard, oak

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  1. forge, fire, handicrafts, metallurgy
  2. intelligence, handicrafts, protection, war
  3. moon, hunting, virginity
  4. trident, horse, dolphin, bull, fish, boats, hippocamp
  5. love, beauty, sensuality, procreation

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  1. Athenapeacock, scepter


  2. Herawinged hat, sandals, staff (caduceus)


  3. Hestiahearth, family, life


  4. Aphroditedoves, sparrows, flowers, tendrils


  5. Hephaistosforge and anvil, flame, lame god, short tunic


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