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  1. What did the Kaiser mean in his message to Hitler in 1939?
  2. In 1943 what did the Big Three decide on at Casablanca?
  3. What was the turning point of WWII (1943)?
  4. What three countries were fighting in North Africa in 1941?
  5. What country was cut off the map of Europe by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939?
  1. a Battle of Stalingrad.
  2. b WWII may be worse for Germany than WWI
  3. c Great Britain, Italy, and German (Afrikacorps)
  4. d Germany surrender unconditionally
  5. e Sudentenland

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  1. Admiral Yamamoto
  2. Operation Barbarossa
  3. Siege
  4. Guadalcanal and Tarawa
  5. Relations are broken off, all Japanese assets in the USA are taken, and the USA will no longer sell oil to Japan.

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  1. Great Britain had Libya in 1941 when German troops went to take control.Let them cut off Axis supplies


  2. In 1941, what led to the internment of Japanese-American citizens and much fear in Americans?California to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


  3. Battle of El Alamein in 1942German troops defeated by British troops in the Mediterranean.


  4. What was the bloodiest battle ever fought in history?Great Britain and France declare war on Germany, but nothing is done (sitzkrieg)


  5. What was the name of Hitler's last attack in the west?Battle of the Bulge; (Hitler fails)


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