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  1. Lethargic
  2. Infamous
  3. Irresolute
  4. Oscillation
  5. Oblivion
  1. a drowsy;dull;tired
  2. b uncertain how to act; weak
  3. c notoriously bad
  4. d Forgetfulness.
  5. e A swinging back and forth; in decision or wavering

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  1. Showy; pretentious; too fancy
  2. Ordinary; worldly as opposed to spiritual
  3. Wandering from place to place: having no fixed location
  4. Baffled; confused; puzzled
  5. Not subject to being taken away; not transferable; fixed

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  1. ImplicitUnderstood but not stated


  2. Legacypraise


  3. NepotismDeserved punishment or its source; anything or anyone that always seems certain to defeat to frustrate.


  4. InadvertentlyCarelessy; unintentionally


  5. Miserlystingy;mean


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