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  1. heliocentric
  2. permeable
  3. inner planet
  4. evaporation
  5. geologist
  1. a the process where molecules of a liquid change to a gas
  2. b having the sun as a center
  3. c any of the four planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, whose orbit is closest to the sun
  4. d a person that studies geology, which is the study of solid earth
  5. e allows water to pass through

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  1. energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
  2. energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules
  3. energy of motion of objects
  4. heat contained and produced by the heating of the earth
  5. the condition of the atmosphere at a particular time

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  1. atmospherethe layer of gases that surround the planet


  2. watershedthe area of land in which runoff drains into a river (underground and above)


  3. convection currentcircular currents or movement within a liquid or gas due to diferent densities of the hotter and cooler parts


  4. percolationthe motion of a planet as it orbits the sun


  5. accumulationmovement and filtering of water through porous materials


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