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  1. abstruse
  2. malcontent
  3. discursive
  4. dictum
  5. aegis
  1. a [L. dis=away + currere=to run] (adj.) 1. digressing from subject to subject; rambling. 2. (of speech or writing) fluid and expansive rather than formulaic or abbreviated. 3. related to discourse (any lengthy exploration of a topic in speech/writing)
  2. b [Gk. aigis=goatskin] (n) a shield or breastplate, made of goatskin, emblematic of majesty used by Zeus or Athena; protection, patronage, or sponsorship
  3. c (adj) difficult to comprehend; recondite
  4. d [L.dicere=something said] (n) a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source; maxim; a short saying (i.e."might makes right")
  5. e [Fr. mal=bad + content, satisfied] (adj) dissatisfied with or in open defiance of prevailing conditions (n) a person who is malcontent

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  1. [L. "of the fact"] (adj) actually existing or in effect, although not legally required or sanctioned (adv) in reality, actually
  2. (n) the belief that the attainment of pleasure is life's chief aim; devotion to or pursuit of pleasure
  3. [OE "to be bound in one's own skin"] (adj) narrow-minded and rigid, especially in opinions or prejudices; stubbornly and unthinkingly conservative
  4. [Gk. mythology: Chimera=a fire-breathing she-monster w/ a lion's head, goat's body, and serpent's tail] (adj) imaginary; absurd; wildly fantastic or improbable; impossible
  5. (adj) fond of making jokes; characteristic of a joker; playfully humorous or droll (having a wonderful sparkling wit)

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  1. aberration[L. praedari= to plunder/rob] (n) the act of preying upon or plundering


  2. laconic[Gk. Laconicus Sparta= from the Spartan reputation for terseness] (adj) using a minimum of words; terse; concise to the point of being rude/ mysterious


  3. iconoclastic[Gr. eikon=image + knla=to break] (adj) attacking or seeking to overthrow popular or traditional beliefs, ideas, or institutions


  4. eleemosynary[Gk. eleos= pity] (adj) charitable; dependent upon or supported by a charity; derived from or provided by charity


  5. epicure(n) a person devoted to sensuous pleasure and luxurious living; a person with refined taste, especially in food/wine


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