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  1. Nefarious
  2. arbitrate
  3. wile(s)
  4. dolorous
  5. Mien
  1. a to act as judge between two parties, to decide V
  2. b ADJ, Flagrantly wicked, impious
  3. c sorrowful, grievous, mournful
  4. d a trick intended to ensnare or deceive N
  5. e demeanor or appearance N

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  1. V, Explain, clarify, to make lucid
  2. any sudden, violent, outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion N
  3. of or relating to flashy, vulgar attraction, tawdry, based on pretense, deception or insincerity ADJ
  4. to teach and impress by frequent repetitions of admonitions V
  5. not parallel or perpendicular, slanting ADJ

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  1. Traducea display of daring esp. in music, a brilliant performance N


  2. demurlay aside, slacken in diligence V


  3. presageto lie at rest, to lie dead, to take rest. V


  4. scrupulousgrossly or obscenely abusive characterized by poor conduct


  5. Abstruseto cast off or discard, esp. a duty renounce office. V


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