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  1. Two basic components of a democracy
  2. 23rd Amendment
  3. who heads the Department of Justice
  4. How many judges on Supreme court
  5. 8th Amendment
  1. a gave distric of columbia 3 electoral votes
  2. b cruel and unusual punishment
  3. c 9
  4. d Majority rule, Minority rights
  5. e Attorney General

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  1. conservatism-->reactionaryism-->fascism
  2. 270
  3. when you select someone for something they did for someone of high power
  4. Womens suffrage
  5. 85

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  1. What percent of bils get passed5%


  2. Ratify a treaty2/3 senate


  3. Pendelton Actestablished the civil service commission and created a merit system, for federal civil workers. Designed to limit spols system


  4. how many electoral votes in the entire college55


  5. 24thAmendmentvoting age set to 18


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