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  1. Abyss
  2. Relinquish
  3. Malignant tumor
  4. Mitosis
  5. Beget
  1. a To father, sire, cause, produce
  2. b Process by which the nucleus and duplicated chromosomes of a cell divide and are evenly distributed, forming two daughter nuclei
  3. c Mass of abnormal cells resulting from uncontrolled cancer cell division
  4. d To retire from, give up or abandon; to put aside or resist from
  5. e An immeasurably deep chasm, depth, or void

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  1. Few words, concise
  2. To pay for goods provided
  3. Disk containing cell wall material that develops in plant cells during cytokinesis, eventually dividing the cell into two daughter cells
  4. a long pompous speech
  5. Of delicate beauty, exquisite

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  1. CounterfeitMade in imitation of what is genuine


  2. Tangentenlarge or increase


  3. Renowna state of being widely acclaimed and highly honored


  4. AssuageAppearance


  5. CytokinesisSpread of cancer cells beyond their original site in the body


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