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  1. lot
  2. nomads
  3. moses
  4. mass
  5. resurrection
  1. a go forrth, the central roman catholic ritual always including eucharist, of celebnration adn worship of God, including song, prayer and scripture reading
  2. b a wandering group of people with no fixed home, who move from place to place in search of food and water
  3. c son of abrahams brother Haran, who traveled with him. he later lived in the corrupt city of Sodom, where his family was threatened. Escaping sodom as God destroyed it, Lot and his wife were told not to look back, but she did and was turned into a pillar of salt
  4. d leader of hebrews from slavery in egypt who recieved the 10 com. at mt sinai and led them to canaan
  5. e return of the body to life after death, the central tradtional phenomenon of christianity, demonstrating jesus' divnity and imoratality for believers

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  1. order of a jewish service notably the home ritual during passover, celebrating the spring passover remembrance of ebing liberated from egyptian slavery by god. it includes citation of prayers reading of a special text called haggadah sharing special symbolic foods and wine in a festive mean, singing passover songs, and the concluding cry next year in jeralousm
  2. what happend to the Jewish temples?
  3. ancient hebrew word for "place of sacrifice" or greek word for high place a surface for an offering to God, usually a table in a sanctuary. Frequently has candles, flowers, sacred book, and ritual implements
  4. the niche in a muslim mosque indicating direction of Mecca, so they can bow that way
  5. a baptist minister from atlanta leader of the u.s civil rights movement that nonviolently opposed legalized racial discrimination. recieved nobel price in 1964 and was assaisnated in 1968

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  1. faithLord or master - nature deity common in western Semitic cultures, including Canaan; appears in jewish scriptures


  2. canonizationroman catholic process by which the Pope officially accepts a person as a saint


  3. jinnquorum of ten adult jewish males required for communal worship


  4. sadduceesa more affluent class who dominated the temple and denied resurrection and oral tradition


  5. ark of the covenantthe portable chest in hebrew tradition (known also in other anicent cultures) containing two tablets on which were written the 10 commandments. It was seen as a powerful manifestation of the presence o God. It was taken to Jerusalem by David and then installed in the Temple by Solomon.


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