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  1. 6. Define the importance of the scientific method with respect to the theory of spontaneous generation
  2. incubation
  3. cell wall
  4. Paul Ehrlich
  5. binary fission
  1. a a form of asexual reproduction in single-celled organisms by which one cell divides into two cells of the same size
  2. b the interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of the first symptom
  3. c A rigid structure that surrounds the cells of plants and most bacteria
  4. d discovered the first antibacterial agent, a compound effective against the spirochete that causes syphilis
  5. e Spontaneous generation is a theory that claims living organisms derive from non living or decomposing matter. In order to test this theory you must go through the scientific method to test it. First have your hypothesis then conduct the experiment, record your results, and finally have a conclusion or proof of your theory.

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  1. the idea that living things come from nonliving things
  2. small particle in the cell on which proteins are assembled; made of RNA and protein
  3. container growing two or more indentified species
  4. can only survive in anaerobic conditions
  5. developed a vaccine for smallpox

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  1. endosporessmall particle in the cell on which proteins are assembled; made of RNA and protein


  2. List and define the five methods of culturing microorganismsLag Phase, Exponential Phase, Stationary Phase, Death Phase


  3. Oliver Wendell Holmesit needs oxygen, but can only tolerate low concentrations of it.


  4. aerobicprocess that does not require oxygen


  5. microbean organism of microscopic size


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