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  1. What is a confederacy?
  2. Amendment 26
  3. Give at least 2 results from the Louisiana Purchase.
  4. Article 6
  5. dart
  1. a tēlum, tēlī
  2. b Voting age becomes 18
  3. c General provisions (Supremacy clause)
  4. d Doubled U.S. size, removed foreign presence from the border. (Extended western frontier past the Mississippi River, opened the port.)
  5. e When national power is secondary to state power, and has only power that the states grant.

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  1. To reform the church from the inside.
  2. Freedom and liberty.
  3. Practical philosophy - socialism.
  4. The things that can be perceived are simple sensations.
  5. They created a market for goods on a national scale, encouraged mass production and consumption, and created economic specialization.

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  1. Amendment 13Direct election of senators


  2. What type of government did Fidel Castro set up in Cuba?A communist, totalitarian state.
    (e.g. government has control of EVERYTHING)


  3. message, messengernuntius, nuntiī


  4. What was the Northwest Ordinance and what did it prohibit?A document that set rules for creating new states. It prohibited slavery.


  5. DemocritusThe smallest particles called "atoms."


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