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  1. Proprietor
  2. Myopic
  3. Peccadillo
  4. Balk
  5. Sedentary
  1. a minor sin or transgression
  2. b to refuse, stop short; prevent
  3. c an owner of a store or other business
  4. d nearsighted; narrow-minded
  5. e inactive, stationary, sluggish

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  1. trickery, deception, fraud
  2. sweet, innocent
  3. to compete, contend
  4. uncultivated, unused
  5. marked by an ease in speaking that shows a lack of sincerity

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  1. Brusqueabrupt in manner or speech; gruff


  2. Aversionintense dislike


  3. Grapplea band around arm or leg to prevent free movement; anything restricting freedom


  4. Tenetbelief, doctrine


  5. Swelterto suffer from or to be overcome by great heat


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