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  1. devious
  2. Piquant
  3. suppliant
  4. invidious
  5. Decry
  1. a (adj.) asking humbly and earnestly; (n.) one who makes a request humbly and earnestly, a petitioner, suitor
  2. b Spicy foods
  3. c To express strong disapproval
  4. d (adj.) straying or wandering from a straight or direct course; done or acting in a shifty or underhanded way
  5. e (adj.) offensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness and resentment

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  1. (adj.) thoroughgoing, out-and-out; shameless, blatant
  2. To prance around exuberantly or playfully
  3. To pronouce distinctly
  4. Starting and stopping again
  5. Someone or something that is abandoned or neglected

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  1. VerdantGreen in color, immature experience


  2. saturnine(adj.) of a gloomy or surly disposition; cold or sluggish in mood


  3. tenable(adj) capable of being held or defended


  4. embellish(v.) to decorate, adorn, touch up; to improve by adding details


  5. sloughPertaining to a forest, wooded, woody


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