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  1. pedantic
  2. scurrilous
  3. perspicacity
  4. deride
  5. perfunctory
  1. a keenness of judgment, preceptiveness
  2. b tending to show off one's learning
  3. c done without care, in routine fashion
  4. d coarsely abusive; vulgar
  5. e to ridicule; to mock

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  1. syn: indifferent, off hand
    ant: diligent, attentive
  2. likely to happen; threatening
  3. to stare angrily, frown, scowl
  4. a sound made by a bell rung slowly for a death or funeral
  5. overly decorated

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  1. demeanora complete failure, total collapse


  2. opulentshowy but useless, trinket


  3. besiegeto overwhelm, surround and attack


  4. optimuman excessively fashion-conscious man


  5. hedonismpursuit of pleasure


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