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  1. the __the time constant the faster the membrane potential changes with electrical unput
  2. what does the cns use instead of a growth cone in its regeneration process
  3. which cells of the bbb are known to lack pinocytotic vesicles
  4. which circumventricualr organ controls neurohormone release
  5. which neurotrophic factor binds to trk a
  1. a median eminence
  2. b NGF
  3. c bulbous axonal
  4. d smaller
  5. e endothelial cells

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  1. blood brain barrier
  2. doublecortin
  3. there is alot of netrin before the midline which attracts growth cone here but after the midline there is robo/slit repelling growth cone
  4. mini
  5. longer

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  1. which cell type of the bbb is also the most abundant glial cellneuroblast


  2. does alcohol cross the bbbmimics amino acid and transforms to dopamine once in brain


  3. one way to help a drug cross the bbb is to increase the example isefflux transport


  4. which type of degeneration of peripheral nerves block of AP transduction and axoplasm flow; connective
    tissues intact; recovery


  5. in which portion of the cell body is spike initiaion zone locatedinitial segment of the axon hillock


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