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  1. appendicular skeleton
  2. dislocation
  3. pivot joints
  4. hairline fracture
  5. ossification
  1. a when the ligaments that attach the bone at the joint are torn as the bone slips out of place
  2. b incomplete; two parts of the bone do not separate
  3. c the process by which bone is formed, renewed and repaired
  4. d head and neck
  5. e 126 bones of the upper and lower limbs, shoulders, and hips

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  1. nerve cells, sensory, motor and interneurons
  2. neck muscle
  3. act on the lining of passageways and internal organs
  4. back of the upper leg muscle
  5. the inflammation of a fluid-filled sac

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  1. flat bonesscapula and shoulder blade


  2. vertebraethe bones that make up your spine.


  3. Alzheimer's diseaseneurons in the brain are destroyed resulting in confusion, loss of memory and gradual mental deterioration.


  4. scoliosisthe inflammation of a fluid-filled sac


  5. peripheral nervous systemincludes nerves that extend from the brain, spinal cord, and sensory receptors, gathering information from inside and outside your body


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