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  1. Hugh Capet
  2. The Gospels
  3. Richard the Lion-Hearted
  4. Moors
  5. Merchants
  1. a the only real sources about the life and teachings of Jesus
  2. b succeeded Louis the Sluggard, he was an undistinguished duke from the middle of France.
  3. c Muslims of Spain
  4. d Joined the Third Crusade; heard that Jerusalem had fallen to the Muslims; left others to rule England
  5. e People of this profession helped spread the plague along the trade routes of Asia to southern Asia, southwest Asia and Africa.

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  1. the 207 years of peace in the Roman Empire were known as this.
  2. The Latin Word for the Roman javelin.
  3. the device that allowed the Romans to board enemy ships
  4. one of the expeditions in which medieval Christian warriors sought to recover control of the Holy land from the Muslims.
  5. The group that held most of the power in Rome.

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  1. AntiochThe city attacked after Edessa and was considered almost the equal to Jerusalem.


  2. CaligaeAt this battle the Romans lost 50,000 to the Carthaginians.


  3. The Jewsthe name of the sect that in 66 A.D., took control of Jerusalem.


  4. PapilioThe Popes would live in this French city for 69 years


  5. JerusalemThe Crusades were fought to recapture this important city.


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