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  1. what is the term for cell death from injury
  2. which protein is responsible for signaling a neuron to release from the glia
  3. When studying synapses what is the best component to research
  4. what is the distance that the depoalarization falls 37% of its original value
  5. what is the term for an integer of multiple minis
  1. a lambda
  2. b evoked synaptic response
  3. c reelin
  4. d necrosis
  5. e NMJ

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  1. lenght constant
  2. anterograde
  3. lower
  4. netrin
  5. adsorptive mediated transcytosis

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  1. what type of effects (specific/nonspecific) are produced by hierrarchial circuitspericyte


  2. is there a high or low action potential threshold at the spike initiation zoneinitial segment of the axon hillock


  3. what is the most common type of chain circuitevoked synaptic response


  4. where do new cells in the adult human come fromsubventricular zone


  5. in apoptosis in the cns release of cytochrome c will lead to the release of whatBcl-2


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