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  1. pugnacious
  2. Pyrrhic Victory
  3. devious
  4. hypocritical
  5. novice
  1. a combative; eager for a fight
  2. b giving a false appearance; saying one thing, but doing another
  3. c a victory that is offset by staggering losses or that comes at a huge price
  4. d a beginner
  5. e meant to trick; not straightforward; shifty; departing from the correct or accepted way; departing from the sraight or direct course; roundabout

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  1. a detailed review; an evaluation; to review, discuss, or evaluate
  2. related to cooking or kitchens
  3. to have negative effect on; to ruin; something that ruins or greatly harms; a terrible condition, enviornment, or process
  4. a false belief; faulty and illogical reasoning
  5. to picture in the mind; to imagine

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  1. hamperto prevent from moving freely or making progress; to limit; a large basket, usually with a cover


  2. nemesisto board a plane or ship; to start a major effort; to set out on a venture


  3. broachto bring up a subject for discussion


  4. obstructionsomething that blocks or gets in the way; an obstacle


  5. pulverizeto stimulate or urge into action; to spur


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