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  1. farce
  2. trochaic
  3. Homonyms
  4. code-switching
  5. blank verse
  1. a a type of comedy with ridiculous characters, events, or situations.
  2. b poetry or lines of dramatic verse written in unrhymed iambic pentameter.
  3. c words that are spelled and pronounced the same,yet have a different meaning
    Ex. Tear-when you cry tear-when something rips
  4. d stressed, unstressed /ˇ
  5. e Shifting back and forth between languages in the same conversation

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  1. the particular words and phrases used to make up a sentence
  2. a story intended to be performed before an audience by actors on a stage.
  3. a sudden intuitive recognition of the essence or meaning of something.
  4. a reference to a well-known person, place, or situation from history or from art,, music, or another work of literature--for example, the characters Adam, Aron, and Cal in Steinbeck's East of Eden as a reference to Adam, Abel, and Cain in Genesis.
  5. in a linguistic context, the process describing the convergence of two or more languages, forming a separate, new language; development of a language through the merging of two or more different languages.

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  1. epigrama short, witty verse or saying. Also known as an aphorism or maxim.


  2. profanitylanguage that shows disrespect for others or something sacred.


  3. negative transferdiagrams that are useful during pre-reading. The word is in the center circle and rays and circles branch out of the word.


  4. internal rhyme17th- 18th century held that all truths, especially religious ones, were accessible and comprehensible through pure
    human reason; reason was in itself a source of knowledge superior to and independent of sense


  5. dactylicunstressed, stressed ˇ/


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