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  1. Exclave
  2. drakensburg
  3. Apartheid
  4. sierra leone
  5. Harmattan
  1. a british colony founded for former slaves
  2. b Small part of a country that is separated from the main part.
  3. c Makes it illegal for different races to mix. Most notable in South Africa.
  4. d Wind from the Sahara during winter months.
  5. e mountains that run in south east africa

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  1. looks like a steep walled gash in the continent
  2. was the first to sail around the tip of africa
  3. Southern tip of the continent Africa.
  4. the newest country (nation) in africa
  5. first african to win the nobel prize in literature

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  1. the sahela bite from an infected ____________ can cause sleeping sickness


  2. afrikaansDutch, German, Belgian, and French settlers in South Africa.


  3. AfrikanersDutch, German, Belgian, and French settlers in South Africa.


  4. PoachersPeople who hunt and kill animals illegally.


  5. ghanaGroup of people related to one another.


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