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  1. Nisei of the 42nd:Japanese-American Patriots
  2. Appotmattox Court House, Virginia
  3. Robert Peary
  4. Commodore Matthew Perry
  5. Robert E Lee
  1. a led the American naval fleet to Japan to open trade relations
  2. b leader of the Confederate troops
  3. c most decorated infantry unit in all of the United States Army
  4. d led the expodition that discovered the North Pole
  5. e where General Lee surrendered to General Grant on April 9, 1865

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  1. an escaped slave from Maryland who became one of the most famous leaders of the underground railroad
  2. half-wild cattle
  3. he was sent out in 1864 by General Grant to capture Atlanta, Georgia, an important city to the Confederates
  4. one of America's greatest World War II Generals
  5. empty, deserted towns that were once gold-mining towns

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  1. Merrimac and Monitorironclad ships that battled against each other during the war


  2. forty-ninersnations most popular engineer, died at the throtle trying to save passengers


  3. Zimmermann NoteGerman letter asking New Mexico to join the war with the Germans


  4. James A. Garfieldstated that any family that settled in certain areas West could recieve 160 acres of land if the head of the family lived on the land, farming or making improvements for 5 years


  5. Jefferson Davispresident of the Confederate States of America


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