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  1. Assault
  2. Warranty
  3. Material fact
  4. Economic espionage
  5. Joint and several liability
  1. a any word or action intended to cause another to be in fear of immediate physical harm
  2. b information that is substantially relevant to the consideration of a contract or to securities or to the decision made in a trial
  3. c an assurance or guaranty, either expressed in the form of a statement by a seller of goods or implied by law, having reference to and ensuring the character, quality, or fitness of purpose of the goods
  4. d liability that a person or business either shares with other torfeasors or bears individually
  5. e when commercial trade secrets are stolen for use by a competitor; this is specifically in violation of federal law

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  1. an individual or business that commits a tort
  2. identify the beneficial owner of assets; trace the transmission of assets; and report suspicious transactions
  3. a person who has legal title in some property
  4. an unwritten, un expressed promise or guarantee that a court infers to exist and that accompanies a good
  5. a statute setting maximum time periods from the occurrence of an event, during which certain actions can be brought or rights enforced. If an action is not filed before the expiration of that time period, the statute bars the use of the courts for recovery

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  1. Assumption of riskis what is owed by every member of society to others-people and property and animals.


  2. Tenants in Commonpermits each such tenant use and occupancy of the entire property and does not indicate the amount of interest each tenant owns, meaning each tenant has an undivided interest in the entire realty


  3. Product liabilitya general category of cases in which the producer or seller of products may be held responsible to buyers, users, or innocent third parties, who suffer injuries due to defects in the goods


  4. Misdemeanorsa lesser crime that is neither a felony nor treason, punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment in other than state or federal penitentiaries


  5. Business trustsa burden that rests on one estate for the benefit of another


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