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  1. What event started the problems between the colonists and Britain?
  2. Amendment 21
  3. Article 5
  4. night
  5. draw near to, approach
  1. a appropinquō,
    (appropinquāre, appropinquī, appropinquātus, with ad or dative case)
  2. b Repealed prohibition
  3. c nox, noctis
  4. d Method of Amendment
  5. e The French and Indian War.

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  1. amābam
    (ābās, ābat)
  2. A document that acknowledged the U.S. as an independent nation. (expanded U.S. borders)
  3. They got involved in 1917 because German submarines had free range to shoot down any incoming ship, and eventually killed U.S. citizens aboard the British Lusitania. Also, the Zimmerman telegram.
  4. -que
  5. auxilia, auxiliōrum

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  1. Amendment 16Citizenship defined


  2. Present Indicative Activeamāvī
    (āvistī, āvit)


  3. Future Perfect Indicative Activeamātus erō, amāta erō, amātum erō
    (eris, erit)


  4. Article 2The States and the Federal Government


  5. Future Indicative Activeamābor
    (āberis, ābitur)


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