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  1. abortive
  2. waggish
  3. euphonious
  4. abstruse
  5. saturnalian
  1. a [L. aboriri=miscarry] (adj) failing to accomplish an intended aim or purpose; only partially/imperfectly developed
  2. b [Gk. eu=good + phone=sound] (adj) pleasing to the ear
  3. c [L. saturnalia: ancient Roman festival of Saturn the god of agriculture] (adj) characterized by wild, riotous, unrestrained partying, revelry, licentiousness
  4. d (adj) fond of making jokes; characteristic of a joker; playfully humorous or droll (having a wonderful sparkling wit)
  5. e (adj) difficult to comprehend; recondite

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  1. (n) a harsh satire, usually directed against a person/institution. (vt) to make (someone) the subject of a _______ ; to ridicule
  2. [Gk. epi=upon + hemera= a day] (adj) transient, fleeting, evanescent, brief; lasting one day/very short time
  3. [Gk. aigis=goatskin] (n) a shield or breastplate, made of goatskin, emblematic of majesty used by Zeus or Athena; protection, patronage, or sponsorship
  4. [Gr. kater=male alley cat + wrawen=to howl] (vi) to howl or screech like a cat; to quarrel (n) a harsh or noisy cry; a racket
  5. [L. casus=case] (n) deceptive, over-subtle, or false reasoning; the determination of right and wrong in specific questions of conduct by the application of general ethical principles

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  1. epitomize(n) a perfect example/representation of a particular quality, quintessence


  2. iconoclastic[Gr. eikon=image + knla=to break] (adj) attacking or seeking to overthrow popular or traditional beliefs, ideas, or institutions


  3. apprise[Fr. apprendre= to learn, teach] (vt) to give notice to; to tell; to inform of; to make someone aware


  4. ad hoc[L. ad=for + hoc=this] (adj.) for this special purpose; improvised; (adv) concerning this


  5. bibulous[L. bibere=to drink] (adj) fond of drinking alcohol; absorbent


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