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  1. Elohim
  2. apotheosis
  3. st john the divine cathederal
  4. synagogue
  5. ashkenazim
  1. a episocopal cathederal of NY state in NYC. gothic architecture located on morningside hieghts at 110th st and cathedral ave. betwen columbia uni and harlem
  2. b Jews who lived in Europe, mostly East, such as Poland and Germany
  3. c the mystical merging of a human with divinity, or the deification of a moral as with roman emperors
  4. d "gods" one of the names for the divine in Hebrew scriptures
  5. e gather of people , jewish local center of prayer, reading scripture and hearing treachings led by a rabbi. the synagogugue gained importance in the diaspora after the descrtuction of jerusalem temple in 70 CE

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  1. muslim belief that the wyas of allah exceed human understanding, which requires revelation
  2. the land of the ancient philistine people along the southern seacoast of what is now Israel, then the larger area now Israel, called Palestine, by the romans
  3. protestant christian tradtiion of enthusiastic preaching, literal authority of the Bible, salvation by faith in Christ, conversion "born again" experience.
  4. the modern interpretation of the christian Bible using modern hisotirial, achaeological and literary tools to analyze how the Bible came into being. it began in Germany in the 19th cen. showing many biblical texts to be edited compliations and even contradictory. this provoked a stormy reaction among fundamentalists and orthodox who wanted to retain a literal interpretation
  5. the story in the gospels of jesus at a mountaintop with disciples, taking ona glorioius light filled appearance alongside mosees and elijah

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  1. canonizationroman catholic process by which the Pope officially accepts a person as a saint


  2. orthodoxa branch of religion that emphasizes adherence to established traditions, such as Orthodox judaism or east orthodox christitans


  3. pilate , pontiusroman procurator of judea who traditionally condemmed Jesus to crucifixion


  4. Allahthe one divinity of Islam. Contraction of al-ilah "the deity"


  5. Dr martin luther king jra baptist minister from atlanta leader of the u.s civil rights movement that nonviolently opposed legalized racial discrimination. recieved nobel price in 1964 and was assaisnated in 1968


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