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  1. affable
  2. exigency
  3. Requite
  4. internecine
  5. Mien
  1. a an urgency or need, usually plural "the exigencies of war" N
  2. b to make return for, repay, retaliate, avenge VB
  3. c demeanor or appearance N
  4. d mutually destructive ADJ
  5. e friendly,. pleasant, cordial ADJ

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  1. lying on the back face upward, inactive, passive, inert ADJ
  2. raid, pillage
  3. a playful leap, frivolous activity, prank N
  4. friendship, peaceful harmony, mutual peace between nations. N
  5. done by stealth, secretive ADJ

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  1. paltrylow, insignificant, unimportant ADJ


  2. LicentiousADJ, Flagrantly wicked, impious


  3. subornbribe or commit perjury V


  4. concedeto refute convincingly V


  5. Venerablecause to feel drained of energy or vitality V


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