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  1. continental drift
  2. lava bombs
  3. cleavage
  4. nonrenewable energy resources
  5. constant acceleration
  1. a is the type of fracture in which the mineral breaks along well-defined planes
  2. b Wegener's hypothesis that continents move slowly across Earth;s surface
  3. c exist in limited quantities
  4. d a volcanic rock that forms from a glob of magma that is blown explosively into the air
  5. e a steady change in velocity

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  1. occurs when a cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass
  2. a powerful attractive force that acts over a short range
  3. a region where hot rock extends from deep within the mantle to the surface
  4. when two air masses meet and form a boundary, but neither is moving
  5. a wind system that is characterized by seasonal reversal of direction

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  1. extrusive rockan igneous rock that forms at Earth's surface


  2. Inclined Planethe flat area along a stream that is entirely covered only during times of flood


  3. sleetthis is a mass of sediment deposited where a river enters a large body of water...roughly a triangular shape


  4. pipethe narrow, vertical channel through which magma rises to the surface


  5. Solsticeoccurs on the two days each year when the sun is directly overhead at latitudes 23.5 degrees north or 23.5 degrees south


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