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  1. scurrilous
  2. bauble
  3. fop
  4. fervent
  5. panegyric
  1. a eager, earnest, burning, passionate
  2. b showy but useless, trinket
  3. c an excessively fashion-conscious man
  4. d an expression of praise
  5. e coarsely abusive; vulgar

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  1. overly decorated
  2. improve someone morally
  3. a new word or expression
  4. concern for others, generosity, unselfishness, magnanimity
  5. behavior, manning of conducting one's self

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  1. nebuloushazy, vague, uncertain


  2. baroquea work which imitates another in a ridiculous manner


  3. demeanorsyn: deportment


  4. antithesisan exact opposite, converse


  5. diaphanousvery sheer and light, transparent, gossamer


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